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Foam Pigs

Foam pigs are highly versatile pigs and can be used in a variety of applications. Although capable of runs up to 200km they are ideally suited to short lines and also lines where there are difficult features or unknown levels of debris.

Key Features

  • 1/4" to 72" diameters
  • Available in densities 2lb/cu.ft (Soft) up to 22lb/cu.ft (Heavy)
  • Supplied as uncoated bare foam (coated end), criss-cross poly-coated or fully coated
  • Wire brushes available in mild steel, stainless steel, nylon, brass or carbide coated
  • Optional towing eyes, jetting ports, cavities, gauge plates, magnets or carbide hardened studs
  • Chemical resistant coatings
  • Bi-Directional capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Low cost and lightweight
  • Multi diameter capabilities
  • Short production lead times (many in stock)
  • Able to negotiate tight pipeline bends, wyes and check valves