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  • Propipe Trident DeepBlue
    24th May 2017
    Trident DeepBlue upgrade - Worlds First Combined EM & Acoustic Unit

    Propipe is pleased to launch it's latest DeepBlue Unit. As a Worlds First, this ROV Subsea Receiver Unit is able to detect both EM and Acoustic signals. The DeepBlue can be fitted with the Trident 510 Electromagnetic Antenna, Trident 410 Directional Acoustic Hydrophone or Trident 430 Omni-Directional Hydrophone (or it can be fitted with all...

  • 17th March 2016
    Trident Range Launched

    Propipe is excited to launch its brand new range of acoustic pig tracking and locating equipment.

    This equipment has been developed by Propipe to satisfy the needs of clients and to compliment fully our range of pipeline pigs. Using state-of-the-art digital technology, smart packaging and highly competitive pricing, we hope to convince...

  • Propipe Test Facility
    7th March 2016
    Test Facility gets first major test

    Propipe has begun working in its new 2500m covered test facility. Fully enclosed to provide all-season piggability testing, the facility currently houses 24" and 4" test rigs for precommissioning and commissioning pig testing. In total we now have in excess of 1 Hectare of testing space available, with test pipes available from 2" to 48"