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Project Case Studies

PLR and Hydraulic Loading Tool
Project Case Study - Nam Con Son

Project Name: Nam Con Son Pipeline Project
Customer: BJ Process and Pipeline Services
End Customer: BP (Vietnam)
Project Description
Propipe Limited supplied 26”articulated pigs to BJ Process and Pipeline Services – Vietnam for commissioning the 372km Nam Con Son gas pipeline. The 26” articulated pigs were developed for the pigging of a subsea wye...

Articulated long-run pigs ready for despatch
Project case study - Gulfstream

Project Name: Gulfstream Offshore Pipeline Project
End Customer: Gulfstream Operating Company (dewatering operations performed by BJ Services)
Project Description
Propipe supplied 36” articulated pigs for pre-commissioning and commissioning the Gulfstream offshore pipeline. The pigs were developed for dewatering operations for the 36” offshore pipeline and were then used to...