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Project case study - Gulfstream

Articulated long-run pigs ready for despatch
Long run pigs after 800km in uncoated pipeline
Gassing up pigs after 800km total dry run

Project Name: Gulfstream Offshore Pipeline Project
End Customer: Gulfstream Operating Company (dewatering operations performed by BJ Services)
Project Description
Propipe supplied 36” articulated pigs for pre-commissioning and commissioning the Gulfstream offshore pipeline. The pigs were developed for dewatering operations for the 36” offshore pipeline and were then used to perform gassing up operations (after vacuum drying). The dry uncoated pipeline runs for 800 km and connects Alabama, Mobile bay to Florida, Tampa Bay. As well as coping with the long distance and the bare uncoated intenral pipe, the pigs were also designed to cope with large changes in diameter due to wall thickness changes throughout the pipe length (44mm). The Gulfstream pipeline is the longest pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico. It was also the first new natural gas transportation system to serve Florida in more than 40 years. The system was expected to supply Florida with approximately 1.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.