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Standard Products

Since 1998, Propipe has produced isolation tools in tandem with its core products, pipeline pigs.  In response to an ever-increasing demand for isolation and testing tools, Proplug was formed in 2001. The division between products allows Proplug to be completely focused in meeting the clients’ needs for this type of specialist equipment.

The staff of Proplug have a wealth of knowledge and experience with both on and offshore isolation projects as well as the hire of pressure testing equipment for maintenance shutdown periods. Proplug is dedicated to providing the best possible service with a fresh approach. Coupling this with the highest quality products ensures Proplug is the right partner for your company.

Proplug is the sole outlet for EST equipment on a hire or sales basis in the UK. The EST Group is a global manufacturer and designer of pipe and tube pressure testing and plugging equipment who specialise in development, manufacturing and marketing of tools and systems that greatly simplify the maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers. EST tools speed-up in-service inspection of pipe, pipelines, piping systems and pressure vessels.