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ROV Plugs

Proplug has over 10 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing ROV operable Plugs. Each project has different requirements and these are covered in the design phase. Sizes range from 1” to 36” with pressure sealing capabilities from ambient to 300 Bar. Subsea pipeline isolation can be carried out for a number of reasons: -

  1. Long Term Pipeline Abandonment – Where pipe sections are decommissioned and left on the seabed it is vital that there is no leeching of hydrocarbons or chemicals into the marine environment. ROV Plugs supplied by Proplug are designed to be set subsea and left for up to 25 years (depending upon sea conditions) without need for maintenance.
  2. Short Term Pipeline Isolation – Pipe repairs or pipe recovery often require short term plugging to prevent pipeline contents leaking or to hold in corrosion inhibitor whilst operations are carried out. Our ROV Plugs are quick and simple to operate and re-useable many times.
  3. Pressure Testing or Double Block and Bleed – High pressure isolation or testing is often required on subsea structures or pipelines in-situ. Proplug merges the hydrotest plug technology with ROV operable features to manufacture high integrity, high pressure retaining plugs for subsea operations.

Proplug analyses each client’s scope of work to design and manufacture the ideal ROV Plug for the project requirements. Utilising BS EN ISO 13628- 8 the ROV Plug Installation methods include: -

  1. Rotary High Torque Interfaces (All Classes)
  2. Hydraulic Dual Port Hot Stab with Pilot Valve option
  3. Mini Hot Stab with Rotary Mechanical Lock.

Other ROV Plug features offered: -

  1. Up to 25 Years design life with cathodic protection.
  2. Metallic components to match pipeline (if material contamination is a factor).
  3. Subsea specific coating available.
  4. ROV Handle to suit manipulator requirements.
  5. Horizontal or vertical applications.
  6. Buoyancy aids.
  7. Durable polyurethane seals with low hygroscopic properties.
  8. Gripper Jaws for high pressure applications
  9. Topside Installation with ROV removal capability or fully ROV installed/removed.
  10. Lengthened design for installation through bellmouths
  11. Inflatable Seals / Tyres
  12. Mechanical fail-safe options

Proplug has a first class track record and has supported clients on the following major projects: -
PDET, Loke, Aseng, WDDM, Simian and Sapphire, Burrullus, Foinhaven, Schiehallion, FIPP, SCIRM, Golden Eagle, Pazflor.