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Renewable Energy Solutions

Propipe Ltd has been committed to creating innovative engineering solutions for all oil and gas sectors since 1997. The less conventional sector of hydraulic fracturing is a new area where our wealth of knowledge and expertise coupled with our comprehensive, proven track record in the areas of pressure isolation, product prototype manufacturing and testing is able to assist those interested in harnessing this emerging energy source.

Propipe understands the need for environmental protection in all exploration activities. Undoubtedly the exploration and production of such a significant new resource will require some focus on new and existing technologies. Propipe's experience in pressure isolation, bespoke product manufacturing, design & testing, has played a pivotal role in making many projects safe and successful for many of the world's leading international oil and gas companies.

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The Propipe product range includes:

  • Down hole bore cleaning tools
  • High pressure isolation tools
  • Pressure tools
  • Recovery tools
  • Gauging tools
  • Pigging products